• We can service your boiler and other gas appliances
  • We can do your annual landlord gas safety checks

Ensuring that you have an annual boiler service means that it is kept running as efficiently, safely and cleanly as possible. It also allows any issues to be identified before they become problems. If there is a problem with your boiler, no matter how small, it may already be costing you money as the boiler may not be running efficiently. Even a small problem is only likely to get worse and could end up costing much more to fix than if it was spotted and dealt with at your annual boiler service.

If you have other gas appliances like gas fires, cookers, water heaters, etc then having them services annually makes sure that they are running safely and not emitting dangerout carbon monoxide fumes.

If you are a landlord renting out a property that has gas appliances including boilers, gas fires, cookers, etc then you have a legal duty to have them checked annually by a gas safe qualified engineer. As a Gas Safe registered company we can perform those checks and provide a boiler service for you in a quick and efficient manner and ensure that you meet your gas safety obligations as a landlord to protect both your tenants and yourself.

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